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We will empower you to bust and manage your debt

We’ve already helped thousands of people solve their debt problems!

It doesn’t matter why you need debt or financial management , you have Rights and help is with Good Life Debt Counsellors, every step of the way

How do I know I'm over-indebted?
  • Are your Accounts in arrears?
  • Too much Debt You cant Pay?
  • Do you have no money left after pay and you cannot make ends meet month to month?
  • Do you feel you don’t have control of your finances and your Income is LESS than your Expenses?
  • Do you buy basics and Groceries with Credit/ credit cards?
  • Do you have Debt-Stress? And have Sleep-less nights?
  • Is your Health and life at risk due to Debt –Stress?
  • Are you Forever Borrowing money from friends and Colleagues?
  • Are you receiving and Avoiding Private Numbers Calls and Demanding Letters?
  • Has your valuable Assets (Cars, houses, furniture) being  or about to be REPOSSESSED?
  • Are Debt Collectors Bullying you?
  • Is your marriage or relationships taking up financial toll that leads to breakdowns.

If you answer YES to any 3 or more of these questions, you are probably Over-Indebted and may need Debt Counselling!

Remember, Your debt will not go away on its OWN! You either Pay it off or Manage it, and here at Good Life Debt Counsellors, we will gladly help You to Manage it!

You DON’T need an additional Cash Loan or Personal Loan to manage your DEBT!

How will Good Life Debt Counsellors help you?


Debt Counselling:
  1. Get immediate protection from NCA Act 2005 and prevent further Blacklisting, repossessions
  2. Negotiate lower payments to pay for your accounts
  3. You will afford more living expenses
  4. You will have only 1 debit order to pay for all your accounts
Blacklisting Clearance
  1. Clear your paid up Judgement
  2. Clear your administration order, even if its not paid up.
Credit reports
  1. provide you with your credit bureau profile
  2. provide a detailed analysis of your credit report , no need to crack your head with credit jargon !

We also offer an Employee Financial Wellness Program.
Are your employees affected by debt stress? Is the level of production in your company low or affected? Click here

Read what some of our satisfied customers say:

100% peace of mind, Good Life Debt Counsellors have assisted me and my wife to have peaceful sleep from Debt Stress that has been bothering us for a while. My wife has been unemployed for a while and i Just couldnt keep up with our debt obligations considering that almost everything is so expensive now, my family was going through a lot. No more harrassing phone calls, demanding letters and most importantly i still have my car that was nearly reposessed, Imagine paying a car for nearly 3 years only to be taken away! Lebo is very patient and understanding, she made us feel that its not a shame to have debt problems and there is an answer and help with Debt Counselling, I cant stop telling all my friends,collegues and family about Good Life Debt Counsellors" Mr PZ Hlatyayo Garankuwa

Im a single Mom and making ends meet from month to month was a nightmare for me,as those irritating calls and Demanding letters kept flowing in, I just became Stressed and numb without any hope of help,infact I was under performing at work, I found myself not having interest in anything including my child, I took as many cash loans as i could untill I couldnt qualify for any,not knowing i was digging deeper into my dark debt hole. A family of mine introduced me to Good Life Debt Counsellors,The Debt Consultant was flexible to meet me after work and meet me closer to my workplace as I couldnt even afford to get to their offices, She was so understanding, transparent and knowlegeable about what she does.

Everything including Debt Counselling process was explained to me and she always updates me with my application process.I now know how to leave within my budget and how to save .. I wish lots of people would take actions about their debt problem sooner and not shy away from the help in Debt Counselling. I recommend Good Life Debt Counsellors,they are more than just Debt Counselling...they do Care! Its true when they say 'Life is Good Without Debt', I have financial freedom now" Ms DF Maditla Garankuwa;

The following credit agreements can be put under debt counselling:
  • Home-Loans (Bonds)
  • Vehicle finance
  • Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Bank Overdraft
  • Furniture accounts
  • Cash and Personal Loans from micro-lenders
Are there costs involved to apply for debt counselling?

Yes. The costs are very low if you apply through a debt counsellor. We at GL Debt Counsellors charge only R50.00 to compile and to submit an application for you. The other Debt Counselling Fees will be provided from the Restructuring plan and charged according to NCR Structure, so you don’t have to get additional money from friends to pay us, This is still good news.

If you enquire here you qualify for a FREE assesment valued at R50.00

Budget Tool

To get free debt Assessment
Click here


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So what must I do to apply debt counselling?

To get free debt Assessment click here


South African Debt Stress Analysis
According to National Credit Regulator and the latest Credit Bureau Circular
1. The number of consumers who have applied for Debt Counselling has risen to over 200 000 to date Since June 2007.
2. Average of over 7000 New Consumers apply for Debt Counselling Every Month and its likely to increase!
3. As End June 2010, Credit Bureau has records of over 18.32 Million credit-active consumers.
4. Good standing credit record Decline to 53.1% (9.73 million consumers) from first Quarter of 2010!
5. Impaired credit records Increased to 46.9% (8.59 Million consumers), means deterioration of 212 000 consumers quarter on quarter and 739 consumers year on year!
6. Adverse listings contributed more in this category as compared to the categories of 3 or More months I arrears and Judgments.
7. Over 7000 Vehicles and over 2000 Houses are repossessed Every Month


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or Request your Credit Report

Blacklisting Clearance

NCR licence number: NCRDC780

Good Life Debt Councellors

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